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Neo-Fleet is a collection of 300 spaceships imagined by french 3d artist Guillaume Nicollet. Fascinated by fictional worlds, he sees through the NFT medium a way to magnify the art of collectible.
Between art, pop culture and action-figures, Guillaume Nicollet combines his passions by building a gigantic space-opera composed of 30 imaginary civilizations.
Neo-Fleet is a long-term art performance, resulting in the creation of 300 unique, custom-crafted artworks, in contrast to generative trends.
Azur Pod
Jungle Pod
Knight Bird
Eagle CLaws


Guillaume Nicollet is a 3D artist living in Paris. Co-founder of the studio Monochrome Paris where he works as Creative Director, he develops since 2015 a singular universe at the borders of Art and Science Fiction, architecture and level design, technology and organic.
The Neo-Fleet project was born from the desire to bring together his different imaginary worlds within the same creative galaxy.
From Gaudi to H.R. Gieger, via Tim Burton or Salvador Dali, the 30 fleets in the Neo-Fleet range draw on various artistic or pop culture inspirations. The project comprising 300 single ships started at the end of December 2021 and is currently underway.